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Let MediRates be your tariff specialist

MediRates has found the ultimate cure to your year-end accounting blues. We have developed a platform where all published tariff releases and updates are consolidated and communicated directly to you from a single site.

Accurate Tariffs: The tariffs are in Rand value, putting an end to the
rounding & approximation issues. MediRates works directly with the medical schemes thereby ensuring that the tariffs made available to you are accurate and available on time.

Easy to use single point of access:  We make all of this information available to your practice in an easy to set up and use, centralised web-based format. From this one site you have access to every medical aid tariff and can:

  1. Have an instant online lookup for your exact procedure code for any participating medical aid throughout the year
  2. One-click download of all published tariffs to import into your practice management application in the correct data-format or
  3. Download your tariffs as an easy-to-use Excel spreadsheet if not using a software system.

Customised to your Practice: The service is not a ‘one size fits all’ offering. The system allows you to set up the details of your practice with each individual scheme, which means that you only see the tariffs relevant to your practice. No more hassle trying to find the correct price for a specific procedure code. We have incorporated a variety of search filters on our lookup system to speed up the process of finding the correct tariff.

What if I use my own tariffs or am cash based?  Our platform also enables you to cater for your private & cash clients. You can capture your private rates against the procedure codes on the spreadsheet. Using the lookup system, MediRates will automatically calculate the co-payment your patient is liable for based on their chosen medical aid, which means that you can inform your patients what their scheme should repay and what their co-payment will be. This allows your patient to make a quicker, more informed decision.

Proactive update notifications:  By hosting all of the notifications & updates on one site, you only need to check a single site to see if there are updates to any tariff.  Once registered, MediRates will proactively notify you if any of your applicable tariffs changes by mail.

How much is this going to cost?

For most practices you will only require one user account. MediRates doesn’t charge extra when multiple practitioners belong to the same practice due to the fact that the billing profile for the practitioners is identical. MediRates creates a customised tariff profile for each registered account which is based on the discipline type and the contracts for each of the medical schemes that your practice has signed. This is part of our service to the practice to reduce the complexity to relevant tariffs only and reduce the costs.

However, if you have multiple practitioners who are spread across multiple discipline types and/or have signed different contracts with the medical schemes, then multiple accounts will be required and will be charged accordingly.


  • A Group practice with 3 GPs with exactly the same scheme contracts requires only 1 account
  • A Dental practice with a dentist and dental technician with same scheme contracts will require 2 accounts due to different discipline types
  • A specialist with own scheme contracts billing through a bureau requires 1 account. The bureau will require your customised tariff profile

Which subscription option do I qualify for?

The standard subscription for specialist and all other disciplines is priced at R997 once-off for the year.

There is also a reduced price for the auxiliary disciplines of R497 once-off for the year. This price is also available to GP’s who only require consultation tariffs and none of the other procedure code tariffs. If you select this subscription option the system will limit your access accordingly.

The qualifying auxiliary disciplines are as follows: Art therapist, Biokineticist, Chinese medicine, Chiropractor, Dental therapist, Dietician, Genetic counsellor, Hearing Aid Accoustician, Homeopath,Naturopathy, Nursing agencies, Occupational therapist, Orthoptist, Orthotists & Prosthetist, Osteopathy, Physiotherapist, Phytotherapy, Psychologist, Psychometry, Registered counsellor, Registered nurse, Social worker, Speech & audiologist, GPs (Consultations only)

  • Specialists and others
  • R997once off
    • Pay once-off
    • EFT or Credit card

  • Register Now
  • Auxiliarys
  • R497.00once off
    • Pay once-off
    • EFT or Credit card

  • Register Now

How do I get the discounts?

aWe know that the savings your practice will enjoy will far exceed the once off annual cost.

With further discounts available through your IPA, medical association/society and PMA, you can save even more.

If you would like to subscribe to our services or have any queries please contact our sales team on

Take advantage of the MediRates service, take the stress out of the end-of-year tariff changes and release yourself to do what you do best:  seeing to the well-being of your patients.